All metering pumps flow rates are referred to 230 VAC (50-
60Hz) and 115 VAC (50-60Hz) mains.
For other power supply
(24 VDC/VAC and 12 VDC) ask EMEC staff.
“Analog” series instruments and pumps are microprocessor
technology controlled, featuring analogic controls.
Metering pumps are provided with:
– PVDF injection valve,
– PVDF foot/filter valve,
– 2 m delivery hose (PVDF, except for V, VA and VMS, VMSA
– 2 m suction hose (PVC flexible),
– 2 m outgassing hose (PVC 4×6).
Polymers pump series are provided without injection valve,
foot/filter valve and level probe.
Pumps with Stainless Steel pump head are provided without
Accessory kit.
Self-venting pumps series have PE outgassing hose.
MF and DC pump series are equipped with external level
EMEC recommends using PVDF liquid ends when dosing
– concentrated sulphuric acid (concentration over 85%);
– concentrated nitric acid (concentration over 40%).
EMEC recommends using PVDF or PMMA liquid ends and
PVDF hoses when dosing:
– concentrated sodium hypochlorite.
Standard pump heads are equipped with manual air bleed
valve except pump heads for polymers that are provided of
pump head manual priming.
EMEC standard check ball valves for all pumps series are
made of ceramic, except for polymer pumps series. PTFE or
AISI 316 check ball valves are available on demand.

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